Lock Nest Mobile Locksmith
937.890.1936  Vandalia OH 45377
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“My staff and I wanted to commend Lock Nest Mobile Locksmith for their ongoing service.  We continue to use their services because they are always professional, efficient, and friendly.  Even on our last minute calls, they seem to find a way to help us in record time and with a winning attitude.  I will never forget the cat Steve saved from heat exhaustion in the locked car in the middle of summer.  The patient was very grateful of his rescue mission and waiving his fee for a broke college kid.  I am confident that his generosity will be returned to him via repeat business, as honest men like Steve are valued in our community.”


Brian Briggs, Doctor of Chiropractic

Northside Chiropractic

Dayton, OH

“During the past year on many various occasions, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Steve Davis of Lock Nest Mobile Locksmith.  I have utilized Steve for work that includes lock repair, key making, and the re-keying of cylinders.  When scheduling work, Steve has always been found to be available as needed.  Steve is always prompt, efficient, cordial, and able to meet the demands of the variety of challenges that I have had for him.


I would highly recommend Steve Davis of Lock Nest Mobile Locksmith for any work that you may have.  Steve’s prices are reasonable, his service is excellent, and he has met my expectations to a high degree.  I will gladly use Lock Nest Mobile Locksmith in the future for any locksmith needs that I have.”


Ron Atkins, Project Liaison for Construction

Vandalia-Butler City Schools

Vandalia, OH


“When you move into an older home, there are often many “challenges”.  One of my challenges was that my new home had a lot of outside doors, each with a dead bolt lock, a door knob lock, and a mish-mash of keys that went with them.  Lock Nest Mobile Locksmith came to my rescue making the necessary repairs, adjustments, and re-keying the locks so that I only had two keys to manage.  The work was done quickly and efficiently.  I would not hesitate to recommend Lock Nest Mobile Locksmith to anyone!”


R. Albright, New Home Owner

New Lebanon, OH